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Ultrasonic/megasonic cavitation bubbles

Cavitation bubbles formed by ultrasonic vibration play important roles in a variety of applications, including microscale cooling, sonoluminescence, wafer cleaning, and dynamic self-assembly. We visualize the dynamic behavior of cavitation bubbles and quantify their roles in such processes as nanoparticle removal and heat transfer.

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Microthermal bubbles

We are interested in transient thermal and fluid-dynamic behavior of microbubbles nucleated on microheaters. Micro line heaters provide excellent tools both to generate and to investigate the microbubbles with high temporal and spatial resolutions. Also we develop an actuator that can be driven in liquid environments for possible applications including lab-on-a-chip and swimming robots. By supplying a microheater with the continuous power, we can realize the periodic motion of a cantilever beam (dc to ac conversion).

Related publications
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