Welcome to the Micro Fluid Mechanics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University. Our interests span a range of topics that revolve around classical mechanics with applications to micro/nanofluidics and biology. We are working on a variety of problems including the interaction of interfacial tension with both rigid and elastic structures, biolocomotions, and the dynamics of drops and bubbles. For physical and mathematical understanding of the problems, we couple the high-speed visualization technique with simple scaling concepts, perturbation analysis, or numerical simulations of simplified equations. We are particularly interested in applying the novel physical processes to micro- and nano-systems and in understanding physical mechanism underlying biological motility and pattern formation.
















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Recent Publications

  • Poro-elasto-capillary wicking of cellulose sponges,
    J. Ha, J. Kim, Y. Jung, G. Yun, D.-N. Kim, and H.-Y. Kim, Science Advances 4, eaao7051 (2018)

  • Hygrobot: A self-locomotive ratcheted actuator powered by environmental humidity,
    B. Shin, J. Ha, M. Lee, K. Park, G. H. Park, T. H. Choi, K.-J. Cho, and H.-Y. Kim, Science Robotics 3, eaar2629 (2018)

  • Mechanics of jumping on water,
    H.-Y. Kim, J. Amauger, H. B. Jeong, D.-G. Lee, E. Yang, and P. G. Jablonski, Physical Review Fluids 2, 100505 (2017)

  • Capillary rise of non-aqueous liquids in cellulose sponges,
    J. Kim, J. Ha, and H.-Y. Kim, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 818, R2 (2017)

  • Water striders adjust leg movement speed to optimize takeoff velocity for their morphology,
    E. Yang, J. H. Son, S. Lee, P. G. Jablonski and H.-Y. Kim, Nature Communications 7, 13698 (2016)

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Micro Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

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